Employee Benefit Plans

In a competitive business environment, having a solid employee benefits package is vital in order to attract and retain loyal, productive employees. Our plans are versatile and can accommodate small companies with as few as two employees to large companies with thousands of employees. Some of the highlights of our Group Life and Health plans include:

  • Coverage if an employee becomes ill or is involved in an accident.
  • Coverage for family members as specified in the contract.
  • Life insurance Coverage
  • Dental Benefits
  • Extended Health Benefits
  • Short Term and Long Term Disability

We also offer Group Registered Retirement Saving Plans, another incentive for employees to remain with a company for the long term.


There are several advantages to employee benefit programs for both employer and employee:

Group benefits help attract and retain key employees in a competitive marketplace. Healthier, happier employees result in reduced turnover and increased productivity, morale, and quality.
No increases in CPP, EI, or WCP payments and premiums can be tax-deductible.
Life is expensive. With employee benefits, healthcare costs don’t have to be. Benefits also provide convenient prescription drug coverage through pay-direct drug cards.
Travel Provides out-of-country emergency care for business or pleasure – no need of buy individual travel insurance.


  • Personalized one-on-one service for administrators and employees
  • Detailed market analysis of quotations and recommendations
  • Reliable up-to-date progress on your benefit plan
  • Free ongoing employee seminars and consultation on a variety of financial topics


Our Step-By-Step Process:

1. Data Collection:  We will meet you to better understand your company and to gather some important information.

2. Plan Design:  Once we have a better understanding of your company’s needs – we create a plan design that will not only meet your company’s needs now, but also in the future.  Your plan design is customized to your company.

3. Going to Market:  Let us do all the legwork  – we search out the carriers that we know will offer you the best pricing/value for what you are looking for.

4. Analysis/Recommendation:  Our findings will be analyzed and then presented to you with a recommendation on a plan that best suits your needs.

5. Implementation:  We will take care of submitting all documentation to the insurance carrier and coordinate any further requests.

6. Staff Presentation:  We will come on-site to conduct a seminar for all employees to introduce the benefit of the plan, share useful information on how to use the plan, and answer questions.

7. Monitoring/Review:  We monitor your employee benefit plan on a regular basis and meet with the plan administrator periodically for review to ensure that your plan is running smoothly.

Our expertise in plan design and cost containment is essential to meet your company’s needs and budget.  We want to ensure that you make an educated decision and that you remain happy with your benefit plan.  The relationship with our clients is what matters the most to us and that is why our clients stay with us for the long-term.

Our outstanding services and knowledge will give you piece-of-mind that you have made the best decision in terms of your Employee Benefit Plan.

We shop the market to seek the best coverage for your needs.

Our honesty and guidance make the implementation process easy.