Wear and Tear


Limited Replacement of Key/Remote/Fob Warranty

Final Coat Plus warrants to replace your vehicle’s Key or Remote if it is lost, stolen, or destroyed.

Windshield Repair Warranty

Final Coat Plus warrants that if the front windshield becomes chipped or cracked due to a road hazard, the windshield will be repaired.

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

Final Coat Plus warrants that provided that the paint is not broken or missing before or after the repair, that if a ding or dent happens on the outer body panels of the vehicle, the ding or dent will be repaired by a PDR Specialist provided that the PDR process can repair the damage.

Limited Rip/Tear/Burn

The limited Rip/Tear/Burn warrants on the seats, headrests, dash, interior cloth, and carpets that in the event that if the listed areas become ripped, torn, or burned accidentally, the warranty administrator will have the damage area reconditioned and/or repaired and/or replaced.

Limited Tire & Rim Warranty

The limited Tire & Rim Warranties provide for the repair or replacement of the vehicle’s tires and rims for the specified number of years or as long as the tread depth on the damaged tire is greater then 4/32 of an inch.