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The Ultimate Business Manager’s Workshop

This workshop, hosted by WYE MANAGEMENT, explores why customers need credit insurance in today’s world, various modern and successful approaches to presenting it, 50 INSURANCE CLOSES and ideas/marketing concepts to mobilize the sales staff to recommend credit insurance.

Program Objectives: 

  1. Provide participant with product knowledge, presentation ideas and closing skills in the area of credit insurances to increase penetration.
  2. Refresh, re-energize and motivate participant to rise to the next level of profitability and customer/salesperson satisfaction.


  • An overview of credit insurance
  • A review of credit insurance terminology (pre-existing clauses, etc.)
  • Myths and misconceptions pertaining to credit insurances
  • Credit insurance statistics and facts
  • 6 different approaches to introducing and presenting credit insurance
  • How to present credit insurance utilizing the credit application
  • How to present credit insurance utilizing a menu
  • 50 CLOSES to overcome credit insurance objections
  • Marketing ideas that help sell more credit insurance
  • Building positive working relationships with sales staff
  • Attitudes for success in the Business Office
  • Performance guidelines for a successful Business Office


  • Comprehensive text-based manual
  • Financial services MENUS